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Mercury is notorious for sending your sign into an overthinking frenzy. You are your own worst enemy during this retrograde, especially when it comes to self-improvement and self-criticism. A similar theme occurred for you during the Venus Retrograde. Many of you have had new beginnings in partnerships and relationships; however, new beginnings also indicate confusion and uncertainty. For other Virgos, health or body image concerns may be holding you back from truly connecting to someone, perhaps a soul-level connection.

You are rather optimistic when you have a reason to be; therefore, you should meditate on how you can overcome these self-imposed limitations through constructive improvement and, more importantly, empowering your amazing qualities. Mercury is retrograding in your 6th house of health, improvement, and service, while your ruler, Venus, is following behind in your 5th house of expression, creativity, and passion.

Most of you likely experienced a sudden shift in direction regarding your life path in recent months. This is energy to harness to your benefit. Thankfully, Libra, your grace and self-confidence do push you to work harder than your fellow air signs. This retrograde may bring you overexcitement or impulsivity pertaining to a new opportunity or endeavor.

Pisces Personality: February 19 - March 20

Preserving your energy is extremely important this month because your breakthrough is around the corner. This is an excellent time for visualization, self-care, being good to your body, and taking time for self reflection. Think, speak, and feel it into existence through your faith and optimism so you can see it in existence sooner rather than later.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Uh oh… something been on your mind, Scorpio? This retrograde is taking place in your 5th house of expression, creativity, and passion. With Venus in your 4th house, these responsibilities likely have to do with the family, home, and roots. Many of you have also experienced slight, even major, mishaps in the home pertaining to unsettled issues between certain family members or perhaps even roommates.

For others, this can be as lighthearted as wanting friend time after work or a partner being your only friend for a while to get your mind off things.

Understand this is completely natural and that you owe it to yourself, Scorpio. Your happiness and stress levels matter too. If you feel stuck during this retrograde, try to cope accordingly with an outlet for your creativity or by channeling your ideas into a journal or venting to an old friend.

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The goal here is to prepare yourself for healthy and productive communication, Scorpio. You deserve happiness! Oh, Sag. This retrograde is cruising into your 4th house of family, home, and roots, with Venus following behind in your 3rd house of intellect, communication, and education. In this type of situation, the Sag response is one of two things: work, work, work or get irritated with everything and shut down.

Some of you would like more time with family or your significant other; as many of you are likely away for job or education related reasons. You may benefit from spring cleaning projects where you can create a nice, relaxing space to just be in. Your home is key this month because you need it whether you want to admit it. It will do you wonders when getting back to the grind. Where the heck is your head right now, Capricorn? Makes sense, considering this retrograde is making its way through your 3rd house of intellect, communication, and education with Venus following behind in your 2nd house of finance, self-esteem, material possessions.

Some of you may have trouble getting to someone you care about or may feel a slight distance. Communication is an issue at this time, so you may not realize yourself slipping into areas of your past, some for needed reasons while others may be better left alone.

For many of you, you may have a minor financial mishap. You may think you have more money than you do, so be mindful of that as well.

11 Mind Blowing Characteristics Of People Born In March

You may also find yourself splurging a bit and treating yourself to some online shopping or a traveling opportunity. If this is you, the universe is saying, Why the heck not?!

Your Astrological Chart Cusp

Thankfully, this is temporary, Capricorn. Aquarius, have you been wasting time on a not-so-fulfilling job or source of income? February 29 of a leap year causes that year's vernal equinox to fall about eighteen hours earlier compared with the previous year. From to inclusive the vernal equinox date has or will range d from March 19 at UT1 in to March 21 at UT1 in Under the sidereal zodiac , the sun currently [ when?

Aries is the first fire sign in the zodiac, the other fire signs being Leo and Sagittarius. Individuals born between these dates, depending on which system of astrology they subscribe to, may be called Arians or Ariens. It is one of the six positive signs. In Greek Mythology, the symbol of the ram is based on the Chrysomallus , the flying ram that rescued Phrixus and Helle , the children of the Boeotian king Athamas and provided the Golden Fleece. Aries zodiac sign, Jantar Mantar, Jaipur , India. A New Moon is a time when the Moon prepares to regain it's energy and reset it's batteries so to speak in preparation of a new phase in time.

If you look out the window, the moon is dark and almost black like.

Pisces Sign Dates, Traits, & More |

It's like you, when you pull the covers of the blanket over your head to sleep. You're closing down and even though it looks as though you're doing nothing, a lot is going on. A baby grows most when it's sleeping. I had to share this video, Barbara often delivers a great message, and if you believe in other life forms, this is truly a must hear.

We get a great download of information from the energy that comes from Pisces. Here are all the areas that a New Moon in Pisces can involve:. Feelings are the way that Pisces seek to explore the world, but unlike other zodiac signs, when a Pisces is in pain they don't rush to act; they first must process their energy in another way. As a water sign, they feel and absorb their energy and then they use it for a higher good. This is how you should answer those situations in your own life as well. Look for creative solutions to problems and be an out-of-the-box thinker when you can.

And most importantly, pray. Prayer and meditation work, folks. Of course, you have to partner with the universe, but prayer changes your energy vibration. It helps you to connect emotionally with what you want It's a good thing! Activities to do today involve exploring your life's purpose, meditation, journaling, making amends, and taking a personal spiritual inventory with prayer. Aries, believe in your efforts as you make steady progress towards your goals. Forgive short comings and keep your mind set on the journey. Taurus, be brave about all matters. Sometimes you have to ignore a fear in order to do the right thing.

Be sure to set to rest any loose ends as you close out this day and prepare for the weekend.

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